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Eco Friendly & rustic boho Elopements in Cornwall

Small Bohemian Elopement Wedding Venue for Two plus a few in Cornwall

Small Elopement Wedding Venue in Cornwall.

Hi & welcome. We are Jo & Patrick - Elopement Wedding Hosts in Cornwall. We have witnessed nearly a thousand Elopements & Weddings in the last decade. We are conveniently located on the beautiful Lizard Point near Kynance Cove and is also close to other stunning beaches, cliff views and coastal paths in West Cornwall. You are invited… to find out more about our Bohemian - eco friendly, rustic licensed small elopement wedding venue for two plus a few space in Cornwall. The exclusive charming tree ceremony space is eco friendly, rustic, organic, mystical, creative and artful, perfect for elopements, small intimate weddings for two, barefoot brides or simply for free spirits who feel their souls stirring… Welcome to your small rustic dream wedding venue for two in Cornwall!





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The Bohemian Venue & Ceremony Space

Follow your heart along the enchanted tree path… where you can experience your magical, unique and personal wedding, elopement and handfastings ceremonies. We can host your elopement under our favourite enchanted tree. We have photographed and witnessed hundreds of Elopements, small Weddings, Handfasting and Vow Renewal Ceremonies in the last decade. We know your photographs will be simply enchanting and the tree ceremony will make you feel as if you are living in a fairytale.

Explore The Wedding Venue for Two

Walk Trough around the Venue

Our Walk Trough Video

We have lovingly created a walk through video of our beautiful venue space so you can see it in more detail. As we don't live at the venue and to keep costs down we don't offer venue visits as the tree and the historic barn are only decorated for each ceremony and you can see how lovely it looks decorated on this page & in our video. We hope you enjoy the video and look forward to hosting you here on the farm soon for your meaningful and fun intimate ceremony with us. Please note we are specialised in Elopements & Weddings for Two plus a few (up to 4 guests) and don't offer bigger Weddings.

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What We offer

Enchanted & Magical Tree Ceremonies

Wedding Photographer Cornwall with happy Couple in a Forest

Calling all nature-lovers - have your Blessing tree ceremony without rules, restrictions, regulations… and walls. Stand beneath the branches of this majestic giant tree to whisper your vows knowing that this guardian bears witness to your union, congratulating you with gentle breezes and birdsong. Our Enchanted Tree Ceremonies. are for couples that prefer trees to seas! These ceremonies are perfect for celebrant-led elopements & hand fasting if you want the flexibility and freedom to work around the weather and sunrise & sunset times. The huge tree makes for the perfect backdrop which we will decorate with fabrics, candles and rugs for no extra charge. We cater exclusively for ‘Just the Two’ but well behaved dogs (on leads) and children are welcome.

Elopement venue cornwall with wedding couple under ancient tree
Kissing Wedding Couple in Venue

Our Tree Elopement Wedding for Two Packages

We offer one simple Tree Ceremony only Small Wedding Venue Cornwall Package. We host Elopements, small micro Weddings for two. Our Elopement Package includes the Venue Hire, Photography 2-3 Hours (in the Venue & Outdoor Location) and a bottle of bubbles, Fine Art Certificate & many more. Please get in touch for more information and your personal quote. We don't offer separate Packages without Photography. We have over 10 Years of experience as Elopement Wedding Photographers and being under Top 50 Wedding Photographers in the UK. Every Image on this Website is taken by us.

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The Best Locations for your stunning Wedding Photos

We are not only Wedding Venue Hosts & Elopement specialists. We are Wedding Photographers & Videographers with over 10 years experience in Cornwall. Having had the pleasure of witnessing and photographing hundreds of couples getting married in Cornwall and all across the world. Our elopement wedding photography style is best described as wild, free-spirited and authentic. We love photographing moments as they naturally unfold on a elopement wedding day. The landscape of Cornwall inspires our work. We love the connection between couples with dramatic landscapes and seascapes as their wedding backdrop. We work well together as a husband & wife team. Both have strengths that we bring in our photography, capturing quickly, silent and discreetly with 4 cameras, different focal lengths from many different perspectives. Cornwall is full of dramatic cliffs, stunning tidal pools and endless Beaches. The perfect Backdrop for your stunning wedding day. We are also rewarded under the Top 50 Wedding Photographers in the UK.

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Wedding Couple kiss in he sea after heir boho elopement in Cornwall

Jacki & Mike - your Wedding Celebrants in Cornwall

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We would like to introduce our 2 unique celebrants to you -

Jacki, from Wild Blessing Ceremonies is one of our celebrants we use at our quaint, historic venue. She offers Boho-inspired, free-spirited couples who want to escape from all the rules, regulations, restrictions and outdated traditions, a chance to embrace FREEDOM and experience a romantic, adventurous and magical tree ceremony, outdoors. Jacki is happy to include Pagan/Wiccan/Spiritual elements into her ceremonies and loves the visual beauty of the Handfasting Ritual. If you would prefer a non-religious, humanist ceremony, Mike may be the right choice for you. He loves creating meaningful celebrations of love for modern, minimalist, fun-loving couples who want their wedding ceremony to reflect these ideals. Both our celebrants incorporate sustainability and eco-friendly principals into their wedding ceremonies. Jacky & Mike are also part of our All Inclusive Wedding Package. We are excited to hear which Celebrant you have chosen.

Wedding Celebrant Ceremony in Cornwall


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Hike, Swim, Explore Cornwall

Things to do after your Ceremony

Are you currently planning a honeymoon or mini moon in beautiful Cornwall after you've had your outdoor Elopement Ceremony? Be sure to check out our handy travel guide full of tips, hikes, beaches, swim spots, advice and more. You'll be able to fully enjoy the amazing experiences Cornwall has to offer on your romantic get-away. Happy Exploring! This Link brings you to our Cornwall Elopements Main Honeymoon Website.

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Top 50 Wedding Photographer

Small Elopement Wedding Venue in Cornwall UK – Micro Bohemian Runaway Weddings Eco Friendly Kynance Cove

Elope to Cornwall. Welcome to our amazing small boho bohemian  elopement venue located on the stunning lizard peninsula in Cornwall. The perfect bohemian elopement in Cornwall destination for your small intimate bohemian wedding in  Elopement Cornwall

Eco friendly Elopements in Kynance Cove

Eco Friendly 

The Small Wedding Venue & Ceremony Locations

The eco friendly elopement Cornwall Venue has 3 amazing bohemian & boho – bohemian Wedding Ceremony options. We are absolutely delighted to host your Cornwall Elopement in one of our 3 stunning backdrops. Romantic, intimate and fun. bohemian elopement cornwall

Cornwall Elopements for two plus a few

The definition of an boho Elopement for two plus a few and Runaway Wedding has evolved over the years and no longer means running away without telling your family and friends. Eloping is all about intentionally choosing to make your day about you and what you want. If a traditional wedding isn’t for you, then don’t do it! Many adventurous couples are choosing to elope to Cornwall to say their vows as most believe that planning a traditional wedding is stressful, time consuming and a negative experience. The number 1 reason couples elope to beautiful destinations is to have a ‘just us’ experience. Elope to Cornwall.

Your bohemian eco friendly Micro Elopement near Kynance Cove & Lizard Point
There are many beautiful places here so choose a few favourites to explore near Kynance Cove & the Lizard while there. The busiest season in June-August and the quieter season is Autumn and Winter. Always pack rain gear and hiking boots as you will probably need these year-round. Remember to obtain permits and pay location fees (where applicable). We can help you plan your special bohemian Elopement Adventure in Cornwall
“It is easy to see why Cornwall is one of the top wedding destinations in the world. For adventurous wedding couples planning to elope, Cornwall is a great choice for your adventure elopement & small wedding. Cornwall is known for its breathtaking beaches, cliffs, tidal pools and varied landscape so you’ll always have beautiful places to visit. Our goal is to take you after your ceremony away from the crowds so you can experience the pure, raw and rugged landscape of Cornwall. We want you to enjoy a connection with the landscape while getting married with us here in Cornwall! We are absolutely passionate about what we do and so when creating your adventurous elopement wedding it is important to us that you feel like it was the most exciting, intimate and amazing day of your lives!
Cornwall’s wedding requirements are very simple and straightforward; they have all religions represented there so you can get married somewhere, whatever your denomination is. Same-sex marriages have been permitted since 2010. Iceland is recognised as one of the world’s best countries for gay marriages and the LGBTQ+ culture is flourishing. It’s really easy for foreigners to get married in this country but you will still need to fill out some paperwork. You both need to be at least 18 years old and not already married. If you have been married before, you will need to provide proof of divorce. All documents must be original and need to be translated if they are not in English languages. To make things easier you can email the documents first and produce the original documents in person when you arrive and no later than five days before your wedding date. If the documents do not arrive within this timeframe, your marriage will be canceled.

Documents that are needed to get married in England 

These should be sent at least 3 weeks before the Date of your Wedding Cornwall

Marriage notification Birth certificates of both parties. Originals can be returned after the wedding ceremony. Certificate of marital status, issued within eight weeks before the wedding date. A divorce decree if either party is divorced. If the bride/groom is a widower, a document detailing that the deceased’s estate has been divided/finalized. Valid passports of both parties. After the ceremony has taken place, it is possible to obtain a wedding certificate in English . Find out further details at the National Registry’s website. There has been a large interest in Ásatrú, the Nordic Pagan religion so you are even able to hire a certified Pagan chieftain to legally marry you here. They recognises the Pagan religion, giving it the same rights as any other religion so you can have a traditional Pagan ceremony here. It can be indoors or outdoors and you can decide with your chieftain in advance. There are also priests available from all the main religions and a humanist or a judge can officiate your non-religious ceremony if you are having one.

We work with a humanist Celebrant in Cornwall and a Handfasting Celebrant.

Our Experience

Our planning process is as unique as our wedding venue locations are. With every daily hike, we continually expand our choice of incredible elopement wedding locations. Having an small wedding in Cornwall with us means your adventure begins right from your very first call! So if you’re ready to start your elopement wedding in Cornwall, but aren’t sure where to begin or where you should have your ceremony, our informative website includes a comprehensive list of locations, vendors, and tips for you that will tell you everything you need to know about eloping in Cornwall along with information about marriage laws and lots more so please keep reading!
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